Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mounts as Positive and Negative

The names given to the Mounts of the of the Hand are those also given to the seven principal planets that sway the destiny of our earth, the Sun,Moon,Venus,Mercury,Mars,Jupiter,and Saturn.These names were given to the Mounts by Mathematician and were associated by them with the qualities attributed to these seven planets,such as:Venus-love,sensuality and passion,Mars-Vitality,courage,fighting,Mercury-Mentality,commerce,science,Moon-Imagination,romance,changeability,Sun-Brilliancy,fruitfulness,success,Jupiter-Ambition,power domination,Saturn-Reserve,melancholy,seriousness.The sun,the creator of life,and itself the greatest mystery of our Universe,is in bulk3,30,000 times larger than our earth.The Mount of Mars has two positions on the palm the first is to be found immediately under the upper part of the line of life,and the other opposite to it in the space lying between the line of heart and line of head.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Seven Hands

There are seven types of hands
1. The elementary or the lowest type-This hand belongs to the lowest type of mentality. In appearance, it is oarse and clumsy, with large, thick heavy palm, short fingers, and short nails.
 2. The square or the useful hand-It means the palm square at the wrist, square at the base of the fingers themselves square. Such a type is also called the useful because it is found in so many walks of a lie. . 3.The spatulate, or the nervous active type--the spatulate hand, when hard and firm, indicates a nature restless and excitable,but full of energy of purpose and enthusiasm.When sot and flabby, which is often the case,it denotes the restless but irritable spirit. 4.The philosophy,or the knotty hand--It is generally long and angular, with bony fingers, developed joints, and long nails. As far as success in the form wealth is concerned, it is not a favorable type to have; it gleans wisdom, rarely,if ever, gold. 5. The conic or the artistic type-The main characteristics of the conic hand are impulse and instinct. People with the conic hand are often, in fact, designated 'the children of impulse.'.6. The psychic, or the idealistic hand -This is the most beautiful hand of all. The psychic hand has a purely visionary, idealistic nature. They appreciate the beauty in every shape and form; they are gentle in manner, quite in temper.7.The mixed hand-The mixed hand is the hand of ideas,o versatility, and generally of the changeability of purpose.....

Latin Cubes

What is Latin Cubes? The practical applications of Latin crops and related designs are factorial experiment.factorial experiments for me...