Thursday, 9 March 2017

The triangle of Mars

 The triangle of Mars  
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   The triangle of Mars is formed by the lines of life, head, and the hepatica. The shape and the position of the grate triangle must be considered by themselves, although it contains the upper, the middle, and the lower angle, which three points will be dealt with later. when the triangle is well-formed by the lines of the head, life, and health, it should be broad and enclose the entire plain of Mars. In such case it denotes breadth of views, liberality, and generosity of spirit, such a person will be inclined to sacrifice himself to further the interests of the whole, not the unit.                                                                                                  If, on the contrary, it is formed by three small wavy, uncertain lines, It denotes timidity of spirit, meanness, and cowardice. Such a man would always go with the majority, even against his principles. When the second formation of the triangle it has for its base the line of the sun, the subject will then have narrow ideas but great individuality and strong resolution. Such a sign, from the very qualities it exhibits, contains within itself the seeds of worldly success.

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