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Find Permutation and Combination 'MATHEMATICS

As you'll be able to see there are some letters(like M, T, and A) during this word that is obtaining continual. So, whereas choosing the letters for arrangement we must always take into account all the cases. At first, I'm Manibhushan make a case for a way to choose letters for various cases and so later a way to prepare them.
We have eleven letters in "MATHEMATICS"
in which there are
2 M's, 2 T's, two A's and alternative letters H, E, I, C, S ar single
Selection of the four letters(Combination)
first case: 2 alike and alternative 2 alike
In this case we have a tendency to ar gonna choose the 2 letters that ar alike. we've got 3 selections M,T,A. Out of thosewe've got to pick 2(Because we've got to pick four letters and choosing two alike letters means that choosing four letters). So, it will be wiped out 3C2 ways that
second case: 2 alike, 2 totally different
1 alike letter(which can mean 2 letters) will be chosen in 3C1 ways that and alternative two totally different letters will bechosen in 7C2 ways that.(as there'll be seven totally different letters).
So, 3C1*7C2 ways that
Third case: All ar totally different
This can be wiped out eightC4 ways that as there ar 8 totally different letters(M,T,A,H,E,I,C,S)
For the primary case, there'll be 2 alike letters. So, arrangement of those letters will be wiped out 4!/2!*2! ways that
For the second case, there'll be one alike letter and 2 totally different letters which might be organized in 4!/2! ways that
For the third case, all letters ar totally different thus it will be organized in 4! ways that
So, the ultimate answer are going to be
(3C2*4!/2!*2!) + (3C1*7C2*4!/2!) + (8C4*4!)
= 18+ 756 + 1680 ways that

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