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How to solve linear programming problems

How to solve linear programming problem

There are two methods for solving linear programming problems
1. Graphical methods
2. Simplex method
If the objective function contains only two variables then it can be easily solved by graphical method however if the objective function is a function of three and more valuable than the simplex method is used.
Simplex and graphical method
Simplex and graphical method

The set of values of unknown X1, X2...... Xn.which satisfy the constraints of general LPP is called solution to the general LPP.

Feasible region
Common region determined by all the constants of L.P.P is called feasible region.
Corner Point
In the visible region the points of intersection of boundary lines are called corner points.
Feasible solutions
Any set of the values of the variables X1 X2..... Which satisfied all the constants and the non negative restrictions of the problems is called feasible solution.
Infeasible solution
any point which lies outside the visible region is called infisible solution.

Optimal feasible solution
Any feasible solutions which optimised the objective functions of the general l p p.
Unbounded solutions
A linear programming problem is said to have an unbounded solution if the feasible region is not bounded in any respect.
Redundant constants
the constants which are less restrictive and do not affect the feasible region.
Convex polygon
Convex polygon is a closed region such that the line segment joining any two ooh arbitrary points of the region is always lies entirely within this region.

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