Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Advantage of linear programming

How to get advantage of linear programming.

Linear programming is very useful in improving the knowledge and skill of managers and executive. It helps in attending the optimum use of productive factor. It indicates how one can utilise this factors most effectively by a better selection and distribution of these elements.
Linear programming advantage and limitation
Linear programming

Linear programming improve the quality of decisions
A person having clear picture of the relationship within basic equations and inequalities for constants can have a better idea about the programs and its solution.does the individual who makes use the linear programming method becomes more objective than subjective.
Linear programming highlights the problems faced during the production process.there are situation when some machines cannot meet the demand while other remains idle for some period of time. It helps in highlighting this problem and outcoming them.
Linear programming gives possible and practical solution,there might be other constants appearing outside the problem which must be taken into consideration such as sales, demand etc.Linear programming method can handle such situation also because it allows modification of its mathematical solution.

Limitations of linear programming

Linear programming can be used when there is only one objective of the management. This objective may be either maximization of profit on manam minimization of cost. But in case when the management has multiple goals this technique fails.
Linear programming can be used only in the situations where the objective function and the constraints can be expressed in the term of linear equations.Non linear quadratic cubic or higher degree equation cannot be considered in the LPP.
There should be some fixed numbers of constants. Otherwise the calculations will not be correct.
Linear programming is assume that the coefficient of objective function and constraints in linear programming do not change during the period of study, these are assumed to be known with certainty. How is good in real life situation it may not happen.
According to the linear programming problem the solutions variable can have any value, where sometimes it happens that some of the variable can only integral values.

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